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Tape Scissors Rock

Exiles From Clowntown



Thuggish zen punk trio Exiles From Clowntown have operated in quiet corners & with genuine mystery for several years. Over time a few clues of their existence have trickled into the world – these small, strange records managed to reach crazed weirdos and confused critics around the globe. To each camp comes Tape Scissors Rock, Exiles' first LP.

Tape Scissors Rock was made using the group’s three 7”s as a foundation. If it were it a building, it’d be brutalist & utilitarian. Inside, cryptic sci-fi, surf and road movies run on a loop, soundtracked by three strangely normal looking blokes wrestling mutant tunes from guitar, bass and drums. Tape Scissors Rock is a cohesive statement of controlled chaos from these unsung Australians. -Soft Abuse Records

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